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                  Linkman:Mr. Shen



                  Address:No. 2 Dahua Road, Industrial Concentration Zone, Daitou Town, Liyang City

                9. Liyang Shengda Machinery Co., Ltd.
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                17. SHENGDA Tower crane
                  Using well-known brand accessories at home and abroad, it has been widely recognized by the society
                18. Construction Elevator SC200200
                  Construction Elevator SC200200
                19. Tower Crane QTZ5810
                  Tower Crane QTZ5810
                20. Tower Crane QTP63
                  Tower Crane QTP63
                21. Tower Crane QTP125(6513-10)
                  Tower Crane QTP125(6513-10)
                22. Tower Crane QTP315-16(7527-16)
                  Tower Crane QTP315-16(7527-16)
                23. Shengda Machinery
                  Quality Reputation Brand Famous
                  Liyang ShengDa Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer which is specialized in the design, research and development, manufacturing, installation, and leasing of tower crane and construction elevator.In 1985, ShengDa was set up in Liyang City, in the bank of the beautiful Tianmu Lake, which is located in eastern of China, the axis of the Yangtze River Delta region.
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